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One of the strongest career fields right now is the information technology sector. IT graduates regularly see multiple job opportunities if they attended a good college. While earning an undergraduate degree in IT or computer science is not easy, most of the students find the classes to be interesting and the eventual work rewarding. Info on IT

The general field of design is also one that is seeing a big influx of new students. Graphic design, fashion design and interior design are all areas that many young students find desirable. Most design students have an artistic side -- they understand color and contrasts and shape -- but each facet of design is distinctly different. Fashion is a rapidly changing field where style can change every season; Interior design is very aesthetic, but designers must also understand the way color, light and fabric affect people and how what is suited for different rooms of a home is not suited for a work environment; and graphic design can be very dependent upon computer software skills. You can find out more about design here in Indiana.

While you have plenty of options, the best choice for most students is to earn a bachelor's degree. A solid undergraduate degree may be the only degree you need in your career. While some disciplines require a master's degree, most entry level positions just need a four-year degree. Once you start working, your experience and hard work can help promote you to better and better positions. You can see different types of undergraduate degrees at sites like

And if you're ambitious, you can take your undergraduate business degree and turn it into a master's degree in business. Sure, it will take one year of intense study (or several years of part-time study), but it will be worth. It will be a great addition to your resume. MBA options information at Academia.

Maybe you think Indiana is just too cold in the winter. Maybe you want to go to college somewhere where it is warm all the time. Plenty of Big Ten area students leave the upper Midwest for Florida, California and Arizona colleges. You can read more about it. However, lots of students find that trying to study inside can be harder when the weather outside is always nice and there is a beach just minutes away.


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