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Maybe you're thinking that spending four years at college isn't the greatest idea in the world.

Well, you do have options. You can have a great career by specializing in just one small area. You don't have to go to college and learn about statistics and history of eastern Europe and sociology. Sure, those classes can be interesting, but sometimes students need to learn just what they need to learn to get that first job and start earning a paycheck. A vocational college can provide you with this type of education. You will learn what your new job will require of you and nothing else. You typically won't earn a degree, but you usually earn a certificate or a diploma.

These vocational schools are usually quite affordable too. They are set up in most cities and hopefully your local school offers what you are looking for. These schools are built around service jobs and trade jobs. You can search for schools here in Indiana.

Photography is another career field that doesn't need an undergraduate degree. Sure, having a degree might help, but if you have the talent and the eye to taking photos, it's possible that you can just learn the software and other technical details that you need to learn without putting in the four years. You can read a bit more about this if you are interested.

There are other types of jobs that don't require a four-year degree. Chefs usually only have a culinary school diploma that they earn in less than a year or two. If you want to be a professional you need to attend culinary school to learn the basic skills. Most decent-sized cities have a cooking school where you can learn the basics. Find a school in Indianapolis

Interior design is another area where a bright student can get into without needing a college degree. While many designers do have an undergraduate degree, many working professionals got into the business and worked their way up through a retail position or as an assistant to a designer. That being said, most students can certainly benefit from taking a few classes. Most colleges don't offer much in the field of interior design so you may have to look in a larger city. Indianapolis will have some classes most likely.


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