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Many students are choosing to go into one of the fields of criminal justice. Criminal justice careers can be in law enforcement or law-related such as working in a law office as a paralegal or working as a border guard or inside a correctional facility. Because these fields are so different from one another, the education requirements for each are different. Many programs run for only a year or less, while federal agents in the FBI or Secret Service earn masters degrees. You can look into criminal justice careers.

A second broad field that is popular is web development and design. Web designers and website developers are needed in every city in the country. If you can build and manage a website, you will have no problems finding work. Is it a good career? It sure can be.

Indiana's vocational and career schools can get students in and train them on what they need to know to get an entry-level position in their field. These courses are fast and affordable. More info on vocational and career schools.

Sometimes students just want to go to school far away. They want the traditional college experience or moving away from home and living in a dorm. While not every young student wants to do this, it is still quite popular among graduating high school seniors.

Graduating students can opt for a Big Ten school such as Minnesota where they can experience a real four-season weather year. Freshmen live in dorms perched right on the Mississippi River. The University of Minnesota has one of the biggest student bodies in the country. Read more about attending college in Minnesota.

The San Francisco Bay Area is also a popular destination, especially for students in the Midwest or western states. Parts of San Francisco and San Jose are really expensive to live in, but college students are known to be pretty innovative when it comes to living arrangements. Read more about Bay Area schools.

Some high school seniors want to go to a Florida school. Florida has a reputation for being a fun place to attend college. Besides the several big state colleges, there are private universities and specialty schools, such as culinary arts schools where you can train to become a chef. Read more about attending a cooking school or other college in Florida.


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